Sunday, 7 September 2008

Back to school!

Ok, Ok so it's 5 days after the event but, hey, I've been busy! Anyway the kids have started their new school & seem to be loving it! Joshua & Matty have gone in happily every day. Iona has gone in happy but come home disappointed because she can't stay the whole day. From Monday she'll be able to stay the whole day & with much pleasure she'll be able to have a packed lunch straight out of her princess lunch box! The walk to school has worked out ok & takes about 15-20 minutes depending on how energetic we're feeling. So all in all it's been good. The kids like the school so Mommy's happy :-)

Monday, 1 September 2008

Goodbye Millie.

Sadly our little hamster, Millie (aka mrs hamster) died this weekend. The eldest 3 children were at their Dad's house & I checked on her on Saturday afternoon & she had died. We made her a little box & on Sunday the kids buried her in the garden. We only had Millie for around 6-8 months & had 'adopted' her from a friend of a friend. Not sure exactly how old she was but she was about 2.5 years old at least we think. So good bye Millie :-(

Monday, 25 August 2008

A nice weekend

Well we've had a lovely bank holiday weekend & the weather's not been bad. Saturday involved a rather lazy morning pottering about the house while the kids played on the Wii. In the afternoon we went into town & did some banking & browsed the shops followed by a trip to Pizza Hut. Now we don't normally go to Pizza Hut - it's not our favourite place (that's status is reserved for Frankie & Benny's -yum!) However, we had a 50% off voucher so decided to use it. It wasn't bad but it wasn't that nice either- I guess it filled a space & the kids seemed to enjoy it.

Yesterday, Sunday, we decided to go to Southport to visit the in laws. We got there around lunch time & the kids went straight out into the garden then came in for Pizza - made by Grandma Maggie. Then they went running round in the back garden for a bit longer. The boys were rather pleased that they had trees which they could climb! Nathaniel was rather tired so Bryn, Iona & I took him out for a walk in Grandma Maggie's rather lovely coach built pram. It was lovely & it did the job well & Nathaniel fell asleep. While we were out I met a lovely lady who was babywearing & commented on the pram. I commented on her sling & that was that we were chatting for ages! I even walked back to the house & got my sling to show her (it was in the car). It turned out that she frequents a site that I go on, Slingmeet. We had a lovely chat & I've sent her a message on Slingmeet. When we got back Bryn also dug out his motorbike. He's had it for years but has always kept it at his parents' house as he's never had anywhere to store it. However we now have a garage & his parents have kindly put the bike through it's MOT. We found his leathers (well part of them - the jacket, trousers are still missing!) Can I just add at this point that he does look rather gorgeous in his leathers. ;-) All of the kids had a little 'ride' on the bike & Joshua was especially pleased. He's yet to decide what to do with the bike but if I've got anything to do with it he'll be in those leathers & on that bike in no time!

The children were joined later by Rosie, a neighbour's/friend of the family's dog. She's a lovely dog & loves the kids but I bet she was shattered this morning! We ended up staying so long that we had dinner as well! It was delicious. The kids had fish fingers & Aga chips with some of Great Grandpa Jones' runner beans on the side. The grown ups (yes, that's Bryn & I ;-) ) had spicy fish, potatoes in spinach, mushroom rice & some of the -now famous- runner beans from Great-Grandpa Jones' garden. This gorgeous dinner was made by Howard - my FIL. It was truly delicious & I enjoyed every mouthful & even had seconds.

We got home late (about 9.45pm) & the kids went straight to bed - as we did as well. We were all shattered but happy. We'd had a good day :-)

Today I got a lie-in - I didn't wake properly until 10am! After a lazy morning I ended up mowing the lawn for the 1st time since we moved (about a month ago) We have a big trampoline in the garden so we moved that as well & have moved it to a different part of the garden to give the grass underneath it a rest. After mowing the lawn Bryn then set to it with a pair of garden shears & chopped away. He did some plants in the back & also trimmed the ivy that we have growing over our fence. It was desperate to be done & we were fed up of having wet bums every time we got in the car! While he was trimming it he decided to get out the stepladders & pull down the remaining ivy which the neighbour had been removing the week before. The ivy was going all across the top of our garage. When he removed it he found a nice little plaque with a number '20' on it right above the garage door. The zero fell off while he was removing the ivy but it was nothing a bit of 'no more nails' could fix. So we now have a number 20 & I don't need to keep looking for one for our front door!

So our bank holiday weekend is coming to an end. The kids are in bed - though not asleep & we're just having a relax. I think I'll retire to the bath in a while & have a nice relax & try & get some more of my book read. I'm reading Three in a bed - the benefits of co-sleeping with your baby by Deborah Jackson. It's an excellent read - I wish I'd read it years ago.

We've not got much planned for this week. Bryn is back in work tomorrow but he has Friday booked off as we are taking Iona-Mae for her annual eye check up - that should be fun she needs the eye drops!. On Friday the eldest children are at their Dad's house & are not back until Saturday evening. It will give us a nice break but I do miss them & it's always nice to have them back.

Brenny xoxoxoxox

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Well here we are....

As the title says- here we are. I decided to start a blog after thinking about it for a long time. Now seemed quite an apt time to start one as we start a new chapter in our life after moving away from (my) 'hometown'. I have never lived more than a mile or so away from my parents but we made the move to be closer to hubby's work so here we are! I'm not sure what my blogging skills will be like but I'll give it a go. As the title of my blog says it's 'the little things that count'. My blog might be boring at times but it's all about the things that count to me & my family.
My family are me (Brenny/Mommy), Bryn/Daddy, Joshua, Matty, Iona-Mae & Nathaniel/Nate. We have just moved to Cheadle to be closer to Bryn's work. It's made such a difference already. His commute has gone from an hour to around 10 minutes & he can even pop home for lunch! After a bit of a fight (we had to appeal for Matty's place) we have got the 3 eldest children into a local school that we are all happy with. The school uniform is all bought & ready to be used when they start in 2 weeks.
I don't really know what else to say but as you read our blog you get to know us a little more & the things that are important to us........