Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I have the crafting bug

Since Craft Fairy I have my crafting mojo back. My current 'thing' is sewing, especially bags!
I made this last week

I ended up giving it to my Mom as I thought maybe she would like it. I think she liked it! I used this tute to make it. It was only after I made it that I realised it was for a reversible bag & not ljust a lined bag but it didn't matter!
Yesterday I finally made my Cath Kidston bag from this book. I've had the book for a while but have never been brave enough to make the bag. Then a few weeks ago a friend of mine at work had made one & it was so cute I had to have a go. I got the book & pattern pieces out then promptly put it away 'for another day'. A forum I go on has a craft sub forum & some people on there had made it so I decided that I just had to bite the bullet & give it a go. And I did!
The bag itself wasn't lined or anything so I added a lining, & a bit of interfacing too, &  even a pocket for my phone & a pen. The stitching is wonky & it's not perfect- but then that's the joy of handmade, it doesn't have to be! - but I love it. It's so cute.

It's just a small little bag but I'm sure I'll use it.
So after I had made my bag my Daughter, Iona-Mae, decided that she *had* to have a bag. Well what girl doesn't! We set out looking for material & she chose some from my (mini) stash. She requested a bag which was 'like nana's' but that had some pockets in. I came up with this

It had a pocket for a pen & also a larger pocket, one on each side just like she asked for.
I have now had requests from other members of the family. Nathaniel would like a 'bag with 10 pockets'!  & Joshua would like a wallet for keeping money in. Oh yes & Iona-Mae would like a purse to match her bag. So it looks like I'm going to be busy.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Just a short little post with some pictures of some crafty things I have made. After a long absence from almost anything crafty I got my crafty mojo back. I signed up for a craft fairy. Craft fairy works like this:
You are given a recipient to make a gift or gifts for. You can make them for them, their home or their children. You can make anything crafty & you then post it off & wait for them to receive their gifts! Once the gifts are received then they post pictures. It's so lovely to see all of the things that all of the fairies have made. I received my gift & I got lots of lovely stuff...

The shawl is so soft & snuggly.
Now for my recipients gifts that I made. It took me a little while to decide what to make but in the end I decided on a Kindle cover

It took me 4 attempts to get it right but I think it worked out pretty good.
I also sent her some soap, a new craft for me to try & a tad addictive & also a little lavender heart.

I just realised I don't have a picture of the lavender heart. I ddi however make some other ones for a friends birthday & also for Joshua's teacher at school. So here is one
So...on to teacher's gifts. It was the end of another school year so we decided on a few gifts for the teachers & teaching assistants.

Iona chose an apple & Joshua decided on a hand. His reasoning was his teacher was leaving - to work in Singapore!- & it was his hand waving goodbye. All his idea & a pretty good idea I think. We also made some soaps which they gave to the teachers. Joshua also gave his teacher a lavender heart to put in her case while on her travels.
Last, but not least, Nathaniel was leaving his rather wonderful playgroup. We decided to make some number beanbags.

The nursery loved them & Nathaniel helped by putting in the beans! crafting mojo is back. I have a huge list of things I want to make & things I want to do with the kids.
One of my latest addictions is Pinterest. For those who don't know Pinterest is like a virtual pin board where you can pin your ideas & things you like. Go & have a look I will warn you's addictive.....very addictive!

Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Well we had a busy weekend. On Saturday we had decided to go to Yorkshire Sculpture Park We've never been before but after seeing some pictures that a friend had taken & also discovering that there was a Jaume Plensa exhibition on we decided to go.
Saturday was a lovely day, although it did get rather hot as the day went on. We left later than planned & took a picnic with us.  By the time we got there it was lunchtime so we sat down & had our picnic. Once that was over we grabbed our map & went off exploring the park.
It is massive! So much to see. Lots of Henry Moore. The kids had some activity sheets that the lady in the shop had given them- it was like a little treasure hunt. We enjoyed listening to the kids deciding what each sculpture was. One was everything from an ear to a boat!
My favourite part was the Jaume Plensa sculptures. I just love his stuff. He did a sculpture in St.Helens, entitled 'Dream'  It is commonly known as 'the big head' in our house & is a sign that we're almost at Nana & Grandpa's house. The kids loved it. Nathaniel especially loved 29 Palms.

They were all metal letters which you could run your palms along & it made the most beautiful sound, like wind chimes. Anybody who knows me will know I love wind chimes- the sound reminds me of my childhood & visiting my Grandparents on Bowen Island- I guess they had wind chimes!
I think my favourite sculpture of all was called Urma-Nuria.  It was just gorgeous & looked lovely with the backdrop of the Yorkshire hills behind it. 
We had a lovely day, lots of walking but worth it. I'd love to go back again. The kids seemed to enjoy it to. There was so much to see & I'm sure that there was stuff that we missed. It was only an hour's drive 
& such beautiful countryside. 
Today is not such a nice day. We've had rain overnight & this morning but it seems to have gone off  now so maybe we'll go for a walk later. We have a little 'woods' close by & I have a camera to test out! We're planning on getting a digital SLR camera so are testing one out which has been borrowed.