Monday, 5 September 2011

Almost time for school

Yesterday was the start of my new contract at work. I've taken on some extra hours so instead of my usual 13 hours I'll be doing 20/22 hours a week. Things have slightly changed in the way we work so it's a bit of a learning curve.
As I'm doing extra hours it means to hubby has to take on some extra childcare. At the moment I work in the evenings/weekend so he's not in work. My new hours involve 2 mornings with starts of 7am & 8am. That means hubby has to take the kids to school. Now *that* will be a learning curve for him! He will take them to breakfast club at 8am then carry on to work. I'm really hoping it all works. The closer it gets the more worried I am! Tomorrow is the first morning of the new routine for hubby so we'll see. I plan to make a list & stick it to the door so he can check the kids have everything they need- lunch box, PE kit - that will be on the first day only- coat, book bag & whatever else they need. As Nathaniel doesn't start school until next week hubby will be off on the mornings I'm working. Next week he will take him to school/breakfast club with the others then after work I will collect him. The first week he is only in mornings then the week after he is full time. I also have to remember to make the packed lunch the night before meaning the only thing hubby will have to do is make sure kids are dressed, have breakfast & get to school!
In preparation for them starting a new school year I will be sorting out their uniform today & making sure they have their PE kits ready. I have checked their lunch boxes & their uniforms are all ready & just need laying out tonight before they go to bed. Oh & are the bain of my life. We have a porch where we have a shoe rack, only the kids seem to forget to put their shoes there, then when we need to go out they can't find their shoes! The same with coats, we have a coat rack where they can hang their coats. Do they hang them there? Do they heck!
So today will mostly be making sure that everything is ready for tomorrow. I just hope everything goes to plan!

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