Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sassy Shopper

So I did it- I used my cutting mat starter set for the first time. I made the 'Sassy Shopper' from issue 5 of Mollie Makes magazine.
It all started out well- I managed to cut all the pieces - straight!

The next thing to do was make the handles & after a brief issue with the tension on the machine they were made.

Then I went on & made the rest of the bag. I found the pattern quite hard to follow but I often struggle with patterns because they just don't make sense & I don't 'get' what they are telling me! I think when logic was given out I was probably last in line!
Eventually I managed to get the bag finished!

It folds up into a neat little 'pack' so you can keep it in your handbag.

For some reason, I think a combination of the strap being a bit too short & the velcro being sewn on wrong, the bag folds up into an unintentional bow. Kinda cute though.
I've yet to test out my bag but I like it but I will be making more. Hopefully next time I won't make so many mistakes!

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