Monday, 19 September 2011

Time has flown....

Wow! Over 2 weeks since my last blog post- where has the time gone? I know! Work! I'm still loving it & am just adjusting to the new hours. It's working well so far i'm just a bit more tired sometimes but I think a lot fo that was down to not sleeping well the night before a morning shift because I was so scared I wouldn't get up! I'm relaxing a bit more now. I'm also a bit more organised about doing packed lunches etc- especially now as I have 4 to make!
My littlest guy started school last week. Here he is (with me)

He just loves his uniform & has a smile on his face every morning as he puts on his uniform. As he keeps telling me, "green is my favourite colour".
Here is one of 3 of them - all ready for school. Joshua is missing because he had a grump on because he didn't want to stand next to 'her' i.e his sister lol

Last week he was in every morning & today he started full days. He has gone to school with his packed lunch. I'm a little bit lost - not sure what to do with my afternoon. I am used to him not being here in the morning but afternoon's are a whole new thing. I'm sure tomorrow will go rather quickly when I have to go to work then go straight off to my supervision session (for my breastfeeding work). That will be fun- I finish work at 10am & have to be at supervision for 10am. Then I'll come home for lunch & housework & before I know it it will be time to collect the kids from school.
I've just finished my lunch without being asked to 'share' but I kind of miss it.
Oh well I have to go & grab something for dinner then collect kids from school & take Iona to the dentist. Won't that be fun with all 4 of them!
Oh & then I have to come home, cook dinner & then go off to work. A woman's work is never done.......

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