Friday, 2 September 2011

Pinterest & Mollie Makes.

I have spent some of the morning rearranging my Pinterest boards. For those who don't know Pinterest is a kind of virtual pinboard where you can 'pin' all of the ideas & nice things that you see. Mine mostly consists of crafty things that I want to make, or just dream of being able to make! It's very addictive but also great for having all the links/projects in one place. If I see something I like I always make sure I pin it. I learnt the hard way, I found something I wanted to make then when I went to find it I couldn't & I spent a lot of time looking for it. Once I'd found it I made sure that I pinned it straight away. Lesson learnt. I get so many ideas from there. I also have a long list of recipes which I really must try.
Another inspiration for me Mollie Makes magazine. It a fairly new magazine but I love it. It's a little bit quirky & just a lovely magazine to sit down & read & look at all of the lovely pictures. Each magazine also comes with a 'free' kit. I'm now a subscriber & look forward to the magazine dropping on to my doormat each month.
So there you go, now you know about Pinterest & Mollie Makes.......that is all........

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