Thursday, 1 September 2011


Or should that be lack of????
I am so busy, isn't everybody? I went to work last October after a gap of about 6 years. I love being back at work & since I went back I have always done around 12 hours a week. It involves a few evenings working a 3 hour shift then every other weekend I work both Saturday & Sunday for 4 hours, each shift. It means that I can get out of the house while DH takes the reins at home & looks after the children. Working in the evenings & weekends also means that we don't need to pay for childcare.
With Nathaniel starting school in September I was looking forward to getting a few more hours at work when the children would be at school. So from September the 4th I start my new hours at work. I'm going from 13 hours a week to 22 hours. I'm just doing a few extra hours, 2 mornings a week.
This means I need to be organised. A bit of a scary word for me as I'm not a naturally organised person. I started off last year by purchasing a diary & a calendar from Organised Mum. I love them! I got the Family Weekly Planner & the Family Life Book Diary. They are my life saver. I have a column for each person in the family & plenty of space to write appointments, work etc. I have not long received my new ones & am busy transferring the information across. I think I would lost without them. I tried using Google Calendars but I just need to write it down &, as I discovered last year, the calendar can totally wipe some appointments & I end up missing meetings etc.
I also have this white board which, during term time, I add information about the various after school clubs the children attend & things like when they go swimming etc. There is nothing written on it at the moment as it's still school holidays but I'm sure that after a week or two in school is will be full up again.

As well as working part time & being a full time Mom I am also a Breastfeeding Helper & run a breastfeeding group once a week in a local children's centre. Part of my work involves supervision sessions & attending various meetings with other helpers or representing helpers who work across the area.
Then there is the Advisory Board for the Children's Centre & I am also a parent governor at my children's school.
All of these things make for a busy life so those things are my life saver. So I pretty much have that part sorted. Now for meals......
It is still work in progress. I try to meal plan & when I do it it works really well. I just need to do it more often & be more organised, there's that word again. I'm sure that doing more hours a work will *make* me meal plan or we'll just end up eating takeaway & rush meals all the time. Sometimes it's just so hard to decide what to make, everyone likes different things. I'm sure it is the same with most families.
So I *will* get more organised & I *will* menu plan, I promise, soon.......

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